Everything starts with a thought.

Everything we do starts with a thought.

Every action we take starts with a thought.

Good thoughts, bad thoughts, in between thoughts -

probably too many thoughts saying too many things…

Too much noise.

What if we could control those thoughts?

Only keep the good ones and get rid of the bad ones?

The ones that lead to us to doing things we regret?

Repeating the same old mistakes

Getting caught in the same old patterns because

we’ve forgotten how to do anything else

Feeling limited, stuck, not good enough.


What if we could manage all the thoughts that lead us astray from

who we want to be and what we want in life?

And learn how to focus on the thoughts that

serve us to be our real selves.

The people we used to be.

We weren’t born with the stress or frustration or discomfort.

We were at peace, happy, had love to give.

Before life and all those other thoughts got in the way... 


The good news is you can take back control of those good thoughts. Learn to move away from the bad.

So over time they’re not your default behaviour…

they’re just something you ‘used’ to do.

And serve as nothing but a reminder of something

you no longer need to be.


You already know how to do this…

you’ve just forgotten and got used to a way of

thinking that’s not doing you any good...

Join me inside and relearn how to think ‘good’.

It’s actually quicker and easier than you probably think.

And once you’ve learnt how to cut out the noise, banish the bad thoughts and focus on only what

delivers you control, calm and direction…

You’ll be able to show up as the person you know deep down you want to be… in any situation, at any time.

It’ll give you the power to get all the things you want and bring you the love, peace and happiness you deserve.

Seriously, if your thoughts aren’t looking after you right now.

Right now is time to rethink your thoughts.


Join me inside The Good Thinking Club and we can start today. Everything starts with a thought.

Let’s start thinking good today.

See you inside.

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LIVE a life of PURPOSE!

Your journey of transformation will take you from overthinking to masterthinking; from overwhelm to control through the following 6 simple steps...

  • Master Your Basics: You'll get the right foundation in place so the rest of the steps are more achievable

  • Master Your Time: There never seems to be enough time so you'll be shown how to stop being a slave to time

  • Master Your Tasks: Sooo many things to do so you'll need to be getting organised

  • Master Your Thoughts:  Learn how the mind works and how you can embrace its power

  • Master Your Relationships: And once your thinking is easier to manage then you can start improving all interactions with others

  • Master Your Life: These are the tricks and tips to improve all areas of your life 


  • Making changes, however small, in the key areas of your life requires EFFORT & DETERMINATION
  • A shift is required from doing things the old way to doing things a NEW way
  • Creating real long lasting change can be CHALLENGING 


I'm Neil Jordan

I've helped hundreds of people stop overthinking and take back control for a life of balance, happiness and freedom and

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What you will get?

'Path to Self Mastery' - A UNIQUE & EASY to navigate pathway providing a STEP BY STEP process to help you get the results you want!


'Awesome Content' - Easily ACCESSIBLE through your phone (or desktop) in BITE-SIZED chunks. It's like having a mindset coach in your pocket!


'Ongoing Support' - An exclusive Facebook group with lives and challenges; fresh regular content plus Q&As and interviews with guest experts from money mindset to health and nutrition to help you achieve fantastic results!

Mastering Your Basics

This stage is all about getting clear on what basic needs (water, air, movement, etc) you currently have in place and what you need to focus on

  • Identify what basics you do and don’t have in place

  • Carry out the steps to improve the weaker areas

  • Develop a solid foundation for success in other stages


Mastering Your Time

In this stage we want to focus attention on your time. You are going to be looking in detail at how you spend that valuable resource

  • Understand how you spend time 

  • Create windows of time for creating change

  • Find regular ‘quiet time’ for yourself

Mastering Your Tasks

You are going to enjoy this. To master your tasks you will need to get everything out of your head and onto paper

  • Getting everything out of your head in a mind dump

  • Creating a weekly structure for getting more tasks done

  • Experience how making some effort to plan gives more freedom

Mastering Your Thoughts

Stage 3 is all about exploring how your mind works and understand why you think like you do. You will develop the necessary skills of how to concentrate the mind, which will be life transforming

  • Learn how to make your mind work for you

  • Understand how habits are created

  • Learn to focus the mind and create feelings of choice

Mastering Your Relationships

Now it's all about sharing everything you have learnt with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers, while not being influenced by negative people and situations

  • Being yourself more in all relationships

  • Understanding how others are thinking

  • Stop being influenced by negative people and situations

Mastering Your Life

This is where you bring everything together and start living the life you really want to live  and being the awesome person you really are. It is all about consistency and you now have the tools and techniques to apply on a daily basis

  • Learning more advanced techniques and understanding

  • Working on maintaining the consistency of effort

  • Understanding what a powerful impact you can have in your life

What our customer says?

Neil firstly helped me to understand my thoughts and how they were affecting my moods and stress levels.


His meditation technique works wonders to calm my busy mind and clear space in my head allowing me to see things clearly and evaluate situations in a calm and rational way.


Neil helped me introduce a planning system so that all my time is allocated carefully leaving me time for my family and my business. I no longer work in the evenings and have time to go to the gym, enjoy my hobbies and read.

Rasa D'Alton

Cloudit Bookkeeping Ltd

Neil most definitely made an impact on my life , with the meditation, I am peaceful etc made things better, when I got angry it would calm me down , when I felt low it would pick me up.


I feel it has changed my life so much for the better , I’m more sociable, happy , go out so much more even to the gym , I even feel I can look people in the eyes & talk to them , & I have been doing things alone , I’m even slowly getting over my fears.


Life has been so so much better & I truly mean that , I’m so much more happier, grateful, less angry & so are the children.

Mel Hopwood

Mel's Medicinal Oils,

Holistic Health & Wellbeing

The effect that reinstating non-negotiable good habits has been amazing; I think more clearly, I feel more resilient and I’m fitter. Everything feels better!

Anna Moss

Brand Stories

I'm much more in control at work. feel able to make better decisions, and deal with people easier.Helped me feel better in my day, ability to relax and be calm.

Work feels easier, helped me with perspective. Homelife better, more relaxed and able to cope better especially when I perform my meditation!

Jonathan McComish PG Cert BSc (Hons) MCSP MHPC

Chelmsford Physio

Neil showed me some tools to get clarity and focus around my goals and life

The type of meditation he taught was new. I have a little meditation experience, but the open eyes taught me how to even tune out what I see. It enabled me to ask questions of myself instead of seeking others to validate me and my ideas. I learned to be still and get the answers from within.

Ami Chokshi

Fertility & IVF Health Coach

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Neil Jordan

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